When we left our small New York City apartment and moved into our home, one of the things I was most excited about was having space. That being said, I wanted to keep our home as organized and streamlined as we had to in NYC due to space constraints. I strive to make everything beautiful, clean and orderly, even when I open the linen closet or look under our kitchen sink.

Here are my most used and favorite housekeeping spots in our home. I hope it inspires you to keep a tidy and orderly home!

I will start in the dining room. Jim gave me this wine hutch for our anniversary. I love being able to keep all of our wine bottles, wine tools and cocktail napkins in one spot.

Wine Bar 1

A glimpse inside. All of the drawers are organized by type: napkins, wine tools, wine stoppers, etc. I know when we are ready for wine or have guests, everything we need to serve them is in one spot. I usually set up food on top of the hutch so people can help themselves.

Wine Bar 2

And in our kitchen. I want everything I need for day to day cleaning and housekeeping to be in one place. I can stand at the sink and reach everything I need to clean the whole kitchen.

Kitchen 1

From my clothes to beauty products to housekeeping products, I believe in “less is more” and “quality over quantity.” Everything I need to clean our whole house fits in one bucket under the sink. I have always used and love Mrs. Meyers Housekeeping. The scents and products make cleaning fun. I also keep dishwasher pods, trash bags, dish drying mats and my step stool under the sink. Nothing that I do not use on a daily basis.

Kitchen 2

To make day to day food prep and storage easy, I devoted one drawer in our kitchen to food storage containers.

Food Containers1

Here is a glimpse inside. I buy one type of food storage container that comes in three sizes but has one type of lid. Now I don’t have to search around for the right lid and because the containers nest, they take up very little square footage. You can buy them here.

Food Containers2

Our first floor powder room.

Powder 1

Under the sink, I store only the essentials. Extra hand towels, cleaning products, a trash bin and extra toilet tissue.

Powder 2

Moving to our second floor hallway. We never had a linen closet in NYC and I was beyond thrilled to have one when we moved.

Linen 1

I always store the towels by color and fold everything the same way. Since our bathroom is small, we store extra bath products in bins in the linen closet. It works perfectly for us and we always know where to find everything we need. The bins are from The Container Store.

Linen 2

Lastly… downstairs to the basement/laundry room of our 100 year old home. It’s unfinished but still one of my favorite places in the house. We used to store our dishes in this hutch, but our new dining room has built in hutches. I turned the old hutch into a cleaning and laundry cabinet. We hung up hooks next to the hutch to hang the mop, broom, aprons, etc.


And inside the hutch- everything I need to do laundry and keep the house clean. It’s a joy to open this hutch and easily see what I need. I store dryer sheets, extra swiffers, and small laundry tools in clear glass canisters from Target.

Hutch 2

The lower part of the hutch stores all of my art supplies. I keep everything labels in clear shoe boxes from The Container Store. When everything is visible and orderly, it makes day to day tasks easy and more enjoyable.

Hutch 3

Happy Housekeeping!






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